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Milestones and Triple Crowns
In 2015, two new displays were added. Triple Crowns recognize owners who have won all three major awards... League Champ, Team of the Year, Player of the Year. Milestones record when each owner reached a milestone victory count.
At the request of original owner Rob Collins, the Hall of Fame will expand in 2015. A new wing will be dedicated to Tailgater players, teams and owners, recognizing the best who actually participated in our humble little league.
Grand ReOpening
Finally, in 2014, four years into the league's new era, the Hall of Fame was reopened. The inagural class represented the new vision, with players representing every NFL season since 1966.
A New League
In 2010, the Little Creek FFL was reestablished under the Tailgaters FFL name. Ten owners regrouped for what was the 12th season in league history. The HOF did not return immediate. But the seeds were planted.
The New Formula
Because the game has evolved so much over the decades, a new formula had to be devised. Otherwise, the HOF would be dominated by modern players in a more wide open game. The new formula would be based on how players performed against their contemperaries.
A New HOF Vision
During the four seasons of inactivity, a new vision for the Hall of Fame formed. The new Hall of Fame would go back to the start of the Super Bowl era, including players as far back as 1966.
Original HOF Closes
Like everything else associated with the LCFFL, the Hall of Fame went away when the league shut down after the 2005 season. As it turned out, there were only two classes in the original Hall of Fame, and those original records were not kept for the second iteration.
Original Hall of Fame
The original Hall of Fame was founded in 2004. Based on stas from the Little Creek FFL, the only players included in the original Hall of Fame were players who overlapped with the original league.
Information about the Hall of Fame is listed in chronological order from most recent to oldest.