Welcome to the planning page for our upcoming Halloween Party.
Changes since my previous text are in white.

Saturday October 21, 2023 @ 4:00 PMish
We'll pin down a start time soon, but it will be a casual start.

1192 Emery Ridge Drive, Batavia

Plan on a modest costume that you can still be active in.
Failure to wear a costume could result in other party goers getting to dress you up and do your make up. Explain that at church Sunday morning!

Steph and Amy: What is a party without crafts?
David and Brian: A good time!
That joke never gets old!

We are going to try an do the Haunted Trail again, and try not to screw up Clue. Assuming the weather permits, we'll have a bonfire "raging"!

So we know last year's trail was not marked out well enough. I will take action to remedy that problem.

The trail will be conducted the same way as last year, but more effectively I hope. With two groups, where you are split from the person you came with. One group will go scare while the other group walks. Then vice versa. If we do this right, there should be enough yelling, screaming and screetching that the authorities show up.

I know these parties usually run light on food, and we'll try to break the mold. That doesn't mean the food won't have mold (it's a Halloween party, toughen up a little), just that there will be plenty of it. We'll start a list here.

I'll keep track of the menu below
- David will make fruit salad
- Lamb's will provide drinks
Please let us know of any special request.