The home page picture is a modified photo depicting Western Ohio engine #803. (Full Size)
The Norfolk Southern home page that served as the inspiration for the Western Ohio site format. (Full Size)
The original photo was a Union Pacific engine. (Full Size)
The home page for the Western Ohio Railway website was inspired by the Norfolk Southern web site format at the time the site was created in 2013. The Norfolk Southern site featured a marketing shot of a modern NS locomotive head on. The banner across the top provided the menu to the main content of the site. The Western Ohio site banners was taken directly from this idea.

You will not find Western Ohio engine number 803 in the wild (or any other Western Ohio equipment for that matter). The railroad is freelanced, and the pictured digitally modified. The photo used for the Western Ohio site started with a railfanning trip to Fostoria, OH in summer 2013. The web site was not on my mind (and may not have been started) when I went to Fostoria. It was after the fact I discovered the photo.

The Union Pacific unit was perfect to model a Western Ohio engine because of its predominantly yellow paint scheme. The black cab and half "O" paint scheme was added with photo editing software. The number board and logo on the nose were added the same way, while the handrails were carefully cutout and then layered back on top to stay in the foreground.

The original shot was taken in front of a grain elevator. Good enough for region I model. But I chose to relocate the engine to a more scenic location. The background picture was actually taken at William Harsha (East Fork) Lake, located east of Batavia, OH. The fall colors are consistent with the season I intend to model on the future layout.

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