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First Train In 2 Weeks & First Run For New Locomotive! Trains In Williamsburg & Mount Orab Ohio
Video posted to facebook on April 15, 2021 by Brian Gibson. Description is from the youtube description.

Rusty rails, First Train in 2 weeks & New Locomotive on First Run! America short line railroading at its best! Unusually long grain train with a newly purchased locomotive, SD40-2, on its first run for Cincinnati Eastern Railroad! This is the first Norfolk Southern painted locomotive over these NS owned tracks since they were leased to CCET in 2014 and I got lucky to catch it. We see the rusty rails before and after the train with 3 locomotives passes. Don't miss the awesome scene as the train passes the historic town of Williamsburg, Ohio. This video is a continuation of the video I posted recently of this train climbing the Summit Road hill in Batavia. This video also shows the train passing Mount Orab and Sardinia, Ohio. The grain hoppers were going to Winchester Ag in Winchester, Ohio. Usually they only ship about 6 - 8 cars there at a time so this was unusually long. Its also nice to see since they haven't shipped much there in the past year. The gondola cars on the rear of the train were going to Cohen Recycling in Macon, Ohio. I filmed that also and that video will be posted soon. The outro shows the train switching behind Evans Landscaping in Newtown, Ohio and we get to see the usual slide show that pertains to the video along with my dogs. Note: I have not talked to anyone from the railroad about the SD40-2 and I don't know what it is doing on this line. If anyone knows, please let me know. Filmed March 4, 2021 AD. Thanks for watching!

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Location: Peavine Date: 3/4/2021
Source: Jaw Tooth / Brian Gibson Collection  | (
Photo ID: 2491
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Categories: Tri County Highway (West Sardinia) Crossing |  Flat Run Creek/Sicily Road Bridge |  Mill Street Crossing |  Dela Palma Bridge |  East Fork River (Williambsburg) Bridge |  Williamsburg Box and Partition |  North Front Street Crossing | 
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