1970 The Western Ohio Railway is founded with the purchase of ex-New York Central trackage between Bryan, OH in the north and Carlisle, OH in the south from the Penn Central Railroad. As part of the agreement, Penn Central sells equipment and a service agreement for maintenance of Western Ohio equipment is reached.
1971 The Western Ohio Railway adds ex-New York Central tracking into southern Michigan, giving the railroad access to the lucrative Detroit automotive market. The Western Ohio becomes a new option for auto makers, able to move product as far south as Carlisle, OH.
1973 The Western Ohio secure trackage rights to operate from Carlisle into Sharon Yard in Cincinnati across the Penn Central. This gives the Western Ohio a direct route between Cincinnati area manufacturing facilities and the Detroit automotive market. The Western Ohio sees an immediate increase automotive parts traffic.
1978 The Western Ohio Railway reaches an agreement with Conrail to use Airline Yard as a hub of operations in Toledo. Included in this deal is the use of the engine facilities at Airline Yard. Airline Yards becomes an important source of intermodal and automotive traffic for the Western Ohio in years to come.
1980 The Western Ohio Railway acquires the ex-Pennsylvania line from Middletown to Mariemont from Conrail. This gives the Western Ohio its own line into the Cincinnati area, reducing the dependency on trackage rights over Conrail. Service to several industries are added to the line, as well as two interchanges with other railroads.
1985 The Western Ohio Railway acquires Clare Yard from Norfolk Southern. Clare is in Mariemont, OH at the southern end of the line acquired in 1980. Clare Yard gives the Western Ohio a yard to control interchange activities with the Norfolk Southern and Conrail in the area.
2002 The Western Ohio Railway begins leasong the Peavine between Mariemont, OH and Portsmouth, OH from the Norfolk Southern. The Western Ohio gains several new customers with the new agreement. Trains are operated between the Western Ohio's Clare Yard in the west, to the Norfolk Southern's Marien Yard and Portsmouth Yard in the east.
2006 The Western Ohio Railway purchase the Peavine from the Norfolk Southern. The purchase includes the acquisition of Marien Yard west of Portsmouth, OH. This becomes the interchange point between the Western Ohio and Norfolk Southern in the east. The Norfolk Souther retains generous usage rights across the line as part of the deal.
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