The Golf Arena is a concept I use in some of my courses. The idea is a purpose built facility designed to accomadate large crowds and maximize viewing opportunites around a centrally located fan zone. In most cases I use a hexagon shape footprint to create six stadium sections. The six stadium sections are built around the clubhouse. In a standard configuration, the six bays are allocated in the following manner...

One is dedicated for fan access. This would be the means of entry and exit for all visitors to the grounds. This bay would likely include or provide access to parking areas, ticket booths, fan zones, concessions and the like.

A second bay would be dedicated to practice facilities. Putting and chipping greens would have small stands for spectators to enjoy, with the driving range out a bit further. One of the concepts for most of the golf arena designs is fan access would be on the ground level. But player access would actually be below ground. This would serve two purposes that are best highlighted in the practice bay. First, it would give fans an elevated view of the players practicing. And second, it would give players unobstructed access to the clubhouse and locker room facilities. All six bays would have player only access, including the ability to cut through the locker rooms to reach another stadium bay.

The four remaining bays would be large spectator areas. I like to create courses with very large grandstands towering above the playing surface, giving the feel of playing in a major event. The design of each bay can vary, and becomes part of the design challenge. One model has a green and tee paired together so players play into the green and then out on the next tee. Another option has two greens or two tees built into one bay. In this arrangement, players must cross from one bay to the next to continue play. This is handy going from nine green to ten tee, when players may want to pass through the locker room.

If you are interested in the concept, check out my course list in the footer below and look for courses marked as being Golf Arenas.
Published Courses With Complete Web Pages
Course Name Par Published Spectators Golf Arena PGA 2K21
Marien Golf Arena - West Course 72 1/6/2022 Y Y Y
Marien Golf Arena - East Course 72 12/23/2021 Y Y Y
Friendly Meadows 72 1/20/2021 N N Y
Duffer's Canyon 71 11/12/2020 N N Y
Norse Lake 72 10/31/2020 N N Y
City of New Orleans 70 10/24/2020 N N Y
Aspen Creek 72 9/12/2020 N N Y
McGuffy Lake Golf Arena 72 8/22/2020 Y Y Y

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