McGuffy Lake Golf Arena
Published: 8/22/2020
Par: 72
Yards: 7265 | 6738 | 6357
Theme: Rustic
Difficulty: TBD
Difficulty: Southwest Ohio
Green Speed: Fast
Green Firmness: Firm
Spectators: YES
McGuffy Lakes Golf Arena is part of the golf arena series of courses built specifically for hosting major tournaments. The course is built around a center concourse designed to host large crowds and provide easy access to stadium areas and visitor amenities.

As for the course, it is a challenging design built around McGuffy Lake. The course features a variety of holes, from long par fives to short, reachable par fours. Water comes into play on many of the holes and the greens are firm and quick.

The front nine tees off in front of a large grandstand, then plays out into the hills around the lake. There are spectator areas around the front nine, but they are not as prevelent as they are on the back. Only when you get to number nine do you get a glimpse of what is in store on the finishing holes.

The back nine has several greens playing in front of grandstands, including sixteen and eighteen that finish in front of the main stadium area. It is a wonderful setting for tournament play, and takes on an entirely different feel with fans in the stands.
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1 4 426
The opening hole sets the tone for the day. You will need to be able to place shots for the best result. A long tee shot will run thru the fairway. The best shot is a draw around the bunker at slightly less than full strength. This leaves a down hill approach to the green.

2 4 286
The second hole is driveable off the tee, but the risk is not worth the reward. Water in front and behind the green makes it very difficult to land and stop the ball in play. Be smart, play a shorter club to the fairway to go for your birdie.

3 3 150
Who doesn't love an island green. The stadium area creates a spectacular backdrop for this large welcoming green. The first par three on the course is a straight forward as it looks.

4 5 527
The fourth hole gives golfers a chance to be aggressive. A conservative play will use less than a driver and be straight out into the fairway. The aggressive play will fade over the fairway bunker. That will leave you a chance to go at this elevated green. The steep slope to the green will reject any shot that comes up short.

5 4 497
Another tee shot that is best played with a little shape to it. A slight draw will ease you into the dogleg. Straight and long can reach the water. The key to this hole is the approach. The green is very narrow and requires you to be on line.

6 5 610
You're not reaching this par five in two. But two good shots leave a short uphill pitch to the green. Play it smart and this hole will yield birdies. Get too aggressive and you'll be lucky to save par.

7 3 221
Maybe the toughest hole on the course. This long par three plays to a fairly small green. It is very difficult to hit and hold the green with the long club you are require to play. Once on the green you'll find a undulating putting surface that shows no mercy.

8 4 489
A long par four that will test your length, but not overly technical. The fairway is wide, but you want to keep the ball near the left side if you can't fly the fairway bunker. Too far right and it is a really long shot to get home.

9 4 363
Nine is short, and may tempt some to go for the green. But the smart play is to the fairway leaving a short approach. After playing the first eight holes away from the stadium, nine quickly reminds you of the large crowds watching the finishing holes. The setting at nine is worthy of a finishing holeā€¦ but you are just making the turn.

10 3 163
The back nine opens with a par three. This uphill shot requires precise distance. Fly too deep on to the green, and your ball will go off the back.

11 5 623
Eleven is a long par five that requires an accurate tee shot to a narrow fairway. Water is in play to the right, and missing left will make it difficult to reach the upper fairway. If you are forcd to play your third from the lower fairway, you'll have more than two hundred yards to get home.

12 4 456
The goal on twelve is to run your ball as far out into the fairway as you can. This leave a commanding view of the green, which is guarded by water on the front. This is a beautiful hole, with a small grandstand behind it.

13 3 173
Thirteen is your last par three. A stadium par three, you play right back into the large crowds. This hole is guarded by lots of sand. As long as you can land on the putting surface, par is not too difficult.

14 4 492
Fourteen requires you to drive out past the tree line. Another beautiful hole, but very difficult. The fairway will put the ball above a right handed golfers feet on the second shot, which will make the ball want to pull towards the water.

15 4 440
Fifteen is the one hole on the back that is away from the large crowds. The key to this hole is judging how much of the fairway you can cut off. Get the tee shot in the fairway, and the approach isn't too difficult. This green gives the best view of McGuffy Lake.

16 5 594
The home stretch begins on sixteen. Not noticible from the tee, the main grandstand towers over your second shot. You're not likely to reach this green in two as large bunkers guard the front of the green. Keep your nerves in check as you near the end of your round.

17 4 305
Seventeen is a fun hole that you can drive with little risk. It is a great opportunity to pick up a stroke before the closing hole. If you are not comfortable going for the green, there is fairway the length of the hole, so you can choose how far you want to hit.

18 4 452
The closing hole plays across McGuffy Lake and uphill to the main stadium area. The obvious hazzard is the water. But if you go too far right, small trees could block out your approach.

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