Aspen Creek
Published: 9/12/2020
Par: 72
Yards: 7028 | 6523 | 5502
Theme: Swiss
Difficulty: Easy
Difficulty: Colorado Rockies
Green Speed: Medium
Green Firmness: Medium
Spectators: NO
Welcome to Aspen Creek Golf Club. Aspen Creek is a golf resort set high in the Rocky Mountains. Aspen Creek is really two courses in one. The front nine plays through the open and relatively flat meadow. There is a lot of room to make shots. The back nine plays up and back down the mountain. This side is twisty and narrow, and demands shot making skills.

In creating this course, I wanted to challenge myself to use the water tool in the course editor. I had used it in the past, and found it difficult. So Aspen Creek was created to feature water from start to finish.

Following the creek, you first encountr hole fourteen at the top of the mountain. From there, Aspen Creek splits the other eight holes on the back nine. Passing the clubhouse, the creek slows as it enters the meadow. Here the holes wander away from the creek a little more, and some have no water in play at all.

To conquer Aspen Creek, you are going to need to bring your A game. And if you don't have your A game, at least time time to enjoy the spectacular views.
Hole Par Yards Hazzards Descrption Picture
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1 4 421
The open hole invites you to try and cutoff some distance by going over the creek. But it is not worth the risk. Play to the wide part of the fairway and leave yourself a very manageable uphill approach shot.

2 3 175
Number two plays down hill, and you cannot be long. Aspen Creek runs behind the green waiting to swallow up any shot that goes long. The hole features a bailout area to the left if you miss this small green. It is a challenging par for a short hole.

3 4 405
You can clear the bunker on the right off the tee. That is the best line to this green. Go left of center off the tee, and the fairway moves your ball towards the rough.

4 3 175
The last par three for quite a while commands an accurate tee shot. The green is very narrow. A bunker guards against short tee shots, and a large rock next to the green threaten to send your ball in any direcion if you hit it. Hit the putting sufrace and this green isn't too difficult to two putt.

5 5 568
Time to to let the big dog hunt. Chase the ball down the fairway long enough and you think about going for the green in two. Aspen Creek will make you weight your options, but the hole does off space behind the hole just to entice you more. If you do decide to layup, avoid the three bears… the three small bunker in the fairway on your second shot.

6 4 409
As much as you may want to go left to shorten the hole, out to the right leaves the best approach. This hole is long, and is difficult to hit the green in regulation. But there is ample fairway right of the green that you can use to chip and putt for par.

7 4 410
Maybe the toughest hole on the course. The narrow tee shot ends in the rocks if you go too long. Hit the fairway, and it is a difficult uphill shot to the green. Miss the fairway, and you are probably playing for bogey.

8 5 590
Another fun hole for the driver. Ths ski jump as it is called is steeply downhill off the tee. Your ball will soar, and the best shots will leave an outside change of going for the green. If you go for the green, beware Aspen Creek to the right.

9 4 430
Nine is a dangerous tee shot. The preferred landing spot is behind a mound to the left. Go to far right and the fairway runs down to the creek. Land safe and the approach to the green is pretty short.

10 4 325
Big hitters may try to drive the green. But most of us will hit short to the end of the fairway. This leaves a short approach to a green that runs a little bit away from the golfer.

11 4 402
Eleven starts the climb up the moutain. The hole is a sharp dogleg left, and the tee shot plays to the bend. The approach shot is uphill to a small green. Things start really tightening up from this point forward.

12 4 377
Twelve works around the mountain, playing out to another bend in the fairway to the right. Going long you'll end up in Aspen Creek. A good tee shot leaves you another uphill approach shot.

13 5 538
Thirteen is a double dogleg par five. An aggressive play cuts off some of the creek, and leave a chance to go through the trees to reach the green Otherwise you'll play to the second bend. The entire hole is up hill.

14 3 153
You've reached the summit. And if you haven't noticed, it is your first par three in ten holes. Missing left will run your ball away from the green leaving a difficult chip back up. He bunker is not a bad miss to the left.

15 4 446
You start back down the mountain with fifteen. You can boom your tee shot if you like, but the fairway is narrow. Miss the fairway, and hitting the green is nearly impossilbe. Swing too hard and you'll pull the ball left into the creek.

16 4 509
Another long par four, very similar to fifteen. The fairway on sixteenis a little more forgiving, and driver is a safer play here. But the severe downhill slope will have you thinking twice about club selection.

17 3 192
Seventeen brings you back down to level ground. A long but fair par three, keep it straight to go after your par. Pull the ball left, and there's Aspen Creek again.

18 5 503
The easiest hole on the course gives you options. A rock outcropping made it impossible to a wide fairway along the creek. So the course was designed with a very narrow fairway near the creek, and then the main fairway to the right. Challenge the narrow fairway, and you can have an iron to the green. Go the long way, it is safer, but you'll need three shot to reach the green.

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