Marien Golf Arena - East Course
Published: 12/23/2021
Par: 72
Yards: 7095 | 6455
Difficulty: Southwest Ohio
Green Speed: Fast
Green Firmness: Firm
Spectators: YES
The Marien Golf Arena was created in response to a challenge by fb group PGA Tour 2K21 - Course Designer Community to create two courses on one plot. The Marien Golf Arena East Course is paired with the Marien Golf Arena West Course to fulfill this requirement.

Marien Golf Arena follows the golf arena design. At Marien, the six sided main concourse is divided into to main statdium areas, each surrounding the 9th and 18th greens. Two smaller stadium areas are where the first and tenth tees are located. Practice facilities are to the north side of the complex, while spectator access, fan zones, access to the hotel and parking are to the south.

The East Course is par 72. It is the original course on the site, and is the shorter of the two courses. The East Course considered the second course at Marien.

The course plays along the Shale Creek, and into the wooded hills north of the creek. The course features an unusual hole arrangement, with five par threes and five par fives. The extra par three and par five are both on the back nine, so par on each side is a typical 36.

Elevation changes and the trees along the course make club selection an important element in your round. The longest shot is not always the best play. What is consistent is the thick rough, which demands keeping the ball on the fairway. Stray tee shots will make getting par very difficult.

Be sure to check out Marien Golf Arena West Course after you finish your round on the East Course.
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1 4 420
The opening hole put you at center stage right off the bat, and eases you into your round with a tee shot that does not require driver. Now, for the biggest hitters, you may look to cut the corner. But the reward really isn't worth the risk. Keep the ball in play and you might open your round with a birdie.

2 5 605
The tee shot on number two is key to this hole, and is very challenging. The fairway is cut in two by deep valley. If you have to play from the rough or bunker, you may not be able to reach the second fairway. This could leave you more than two hundred yards out and blocked by trees for your approach. On the other hand, keep the ball in the fairway and you can certainly get close on your second.

3 4 470
The third is the first of several long par fours. Playing uphill, it plays longer than this listed length. The tee shot is the crucial shot on this hole too, as a narrow bunker runs the length of the right side of the fairway, forcing you to the left. Miss the fairway and reaching the green will be difficult.

4 3 175
The first par three on the course plays slightly up hill and will demand a mid to long iron. You'll find many of the par threes at Marien playing acorss small valleys covered with brush and small plants. The green on this hole has a ridge that will carry shots to the front left. Handy when the pin is down there, but troublesome when the pin is on top. This is one of only two holes to have no sand to avoid.

5 4 435
Five is a modest par four, with a devilish secret lurking. Good tee shots will leave you about a hundred yards out with a short approach to the green. But a large oak tree on the right side protrudes over the fairway and gaurds the green from any tee shots that wander too far right. It's a frustrating discovery for golfers who think they played this hole perfectly off the tee.

6 3 170
Set along a small water resevoir near the back of the course, number six if probably the most pictureque hole on the front nine. The spillway for the small pond faces the golfer on the tee box, and the pond lines the near side of the green. Pull your shot left and you risk getting wet. The waiting green is sloped back towards the water and will hold shots hit to the center of the green.

7 5 590
Number seven is a par five, but don't assume driver off the tee. The same valley that bisects number two cuts this fairway in half as well. This time, limiting how far you can it off the tee. Best play is to take whatever club you can confidently put in the fairway. The hole is just a bit long too reach in two.

8 4 330
Eight is the only driveable hole on the East Course. But it does come with significant risk. Shale Creek cuts in front of the green, requiring about 275 yards of carry to clear the water. Wind conditions greatly impact whether you can go for this green or not. If you don't, it is a simple layup and short approach to one of the easier holes on the course.

9 4 465
Nine is a mighty par four, worthy of being a finishing hole. A long drive off the tee is required to reach the bend. From the fairway it is an uphill shot over a series of stair-stepped bunkers. This all plays out in front of the main grandstand, as number nine green is shared with number 18.

10 4 375
Number ten is the mirror image of number one. A short par four, you have the option of being aggressive or laying up in the fairway. While not drivable, cutting the corner can leave you about fifty yards out. But don't get caught up in the trees on the right, or you risk turning this birdie hole into a fight to save par.

11 5 535
Eleven plays back out of the Shale Creek valley and up the hill. This is a reachable par five, but you'll have to flirt with trees near the green to do so. The lake behind the green makes this a pretty hole, but doesn't pose much threat to your game.

12 3 180
Club selection is key on number 12. Downhill into a valley, the elevation change combined with swirling winds put the focus on club choice. The green itself is a challenge. There is a shelfon the left hand side, meaning shots that go long will find the back of the green.

13 5 555
Remember the pond behind number eleven. Well it is more in play on thirteen, but only if you lose your tee shot to the right. This par five is probably the most eagle-able (if that is even a word) on the course. But you need to put your tee shot in the fairway to do so. A small bunker on the left is poised to spoil anything hit that direction.

14 4 485
Another tee shot where you need to know how far you hit the ball. It is possible to run your tee shot off the end of this fairway at the bend. Hitting across Shale Creek from the heavy rough is undesirable. There is also a small pot bunker in the elbow of the fairway. If you can clear it, the fairway slopes towards the creek, and you can shorten your approach from a mid iron to a wedge shot.

15 3 145
The prettiest hole on the course features an island green. This short par three will let you be aggressive. The island is large enough that you can attack the pin and not worry about just hitting the green. Like number four, this hole has no sand to contend with.

16 4 450
Sixteen continues the pattern of fairways you must hit. The last par four is long, and the approach plays uphill. Missing the fairway will make reaching the green very difficult. The safe play is to the wide part of the fairway, even if it means playing down a club. You'll more than make up for the extra distance to the green by having a clean lie to hit from.

17 3 180
A fan favorite, seventeen is a longer par three that will test anyone's nerves who are in contention coming down the stretch. The bunker short of the green is well below the putting surface, making a sand save a challenge.

18 5 530
Eighteen is the ultimate long is not the best play hole on the course. Not that you really have a choice. The fairway is split into two shelves, with bunkers lining the back side of the hill between fairways. Driving to the bottom isn't possible. But land in the fairway and you can go over the tree to the green. Miss the fairway, you still have a good bail out option by pitching to the bottom and playing the hole as it was designed to be played… uphill into the face of the watching crowd.

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