Norse Lake
Published: 10/31/2020
Par: 72
Yards: 7409 | 6835 | 6427
Theme: Harvest
Difficulty: Hard
Difficulty: Southwest Ohio
Green Speed: Fast
Green Firmness: Firm
Spectators: NO
Set along South Norse Lake in the Norse Lake Recreational Park, the Norse Lake golf course is a long challenging layout featuring five par fives. The front side plays away from the lake with minimal water. But it is long, including a three hole stretch with a 200 yard par three, five hundred yard par four and a six hundred yard par five. So bring the big sticks.
The back nine plays along the perimeter of South Norse Lake. Every hole has water in play, and you can lose a ball in the drink on nearly every shot… maybe not your putts. The back nine has three par fives and three par threes and a spectacular cart bridge build just high enough to allow sailboats to pass under.
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1 4 457
The opening hole is a long challenging hole. The bunkers on the left separate the first and ninth hole, and are to be avoided at all cost. A good tee shot will leave you a long uphill approach.

2 4 467
The second hold is a long dogleg left. A draw off the tee will help take some length off the second shot. But don't run the ball into rough. A large tree gets in the way of anything too far right, and bunkers guard the green. Leave the first two holes at par and you are off to a promising start.

3 5 554
The par three fifth offers a brief reprieve. With a helping wind, the green is reachable in two. More realistically, you will be looking at a very short approach and a chance at birdie. This is one of the few holes on the front with water, as a medium size lake runs down the right side of the fairway.

4 3 220
At 200 yards, the fourth is the start of the toughest stretch on the course. The green is elevated, rejecting any shot that is not true. If you can hit the green off the tee, par is achievable. The challenge to this hole is the tee shot.

5 4 500
The par four fifth is a 500 yard par five. When the wind is in your face, this hole is nearly unreachable. Long and straight on both the first and second shot are the key.

6 5 650
Nicknamed Mjolnir, you will need Thors hammer to reach this green in two. At 600 yards and up hill, two good shots still leave you a long approach. Off the tee you need to hit long engough to cross the ditch at the end of the first fairway. If you have to layup your second shot, you will have more than 200 yards to the green.

7 3 194
The green on number seven is slightly crowned making it very difficult to get the ball close to the hole. Like number four, you must hit this green to make par here. The green is surrounded by sand. Having to pitch up to the green will leave you scrambling for par.

8 4 361
Look before you hit Eight is a deceptive hole. A long drive is the wrong play. You need lay up fo the gap in the tree and an angle to the green. But niether shot is very long. The green is elevated, so missing it will take away the first real birdie opportunity on the course.

9 4 418
Nine is a beuatiful hole, worth of a finishing hole. As long as the wind is not behind you, you can take driver to the end of the fairway. Then a pitch across the lake akes you to the green. There is a huge bailout behind the green if you get scared.

10 4 508
Ten is the toughest hole on the back. You must hit past the trees on right to have any shot at the green. Another elevated green, anything off line will be rejected.

11 3 165
The first of three back nine par threes, this hole gives you a chance to score and is not a difficult par. Only a mishit is at risk of going in the water. Be aggressive on this hole.

12 5 580
A par five, it looks and feels very much like number three on the front. And it plays very similar. You can reach the green in two, but it is not the wise play. Lay up the second shot and leave yourself a short pitch to the green.

13 4 445
Take a moment to check out the cart path bridge from the tee. It had to be elevated to let sailboats get from the marina to the main body of Norse Lake. Returning to golf, this is a difficult par four. You can hit a little left and the hill will push the ball back to the fairway. You must carry a large bunker to hit the green.

14 5 519
Probably the easiest hole on the course. It is a short par five, and is only a par five because a stand of trees blocks the approach. The trees make it is difucult green to hit, but it is safer to play over the trees than go around them and risk the water.

15 3 191
Another difficult par three where hitting the green is crucial. Water to the right is very much in play. A bunker left will make par almost impossible. The green itself is a challenge, but as long as you get no, you should make par.

16 4 395
Sixteen is a fun, short hole. You can cut the dogleg a little bit, and leave a really short approach. This is the most birdie-able hole on the course. And by this point, you probably need one. Go for it.

17 3 176
This par three actually gives you a place to land the ball short and run on to the green. Not an easy birdie, but this is not a hard hole. The water should not come into play. Just carry the ball on to the green to collect your par.

18 5 609
Tee shot is critical on eighteen. Trees between the fairway and the water threaten to block out shots across the lake. If you have to play around the lake, your third is extremely long. You won't reach this green in two, but if your tee shot is true, it becomes an easy par five.

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