City of New Orleans
Published: 10/24/2020
Par: 70
Yards: 6764 | 6181 | 5770
Theme: Boreal
Difficulty: Easy
Difficulty: Southern Louisiana
Green Speed: Fast
Green Firmness: Soft
Spectators: NO
The City of New Orleans Golf Club sits in the swampy outskirts of one of America's greatest cities. But the course itself is a world apart from the French Quarter. As you would expect in a swamp course, there is water everywhere. Virtually every hole has a shot or two that threatens to swallow up errant swings.

The course also features a fun mixture of long holes that require you to keep the ball in play, and short holes that you can attack. Six par threes are spread throughout the round. And there are no purpuse built bunkers. All the sand on the course lines the edge of the water in the swamp.

If you play the default settings, you'll tee off in late afternoon. The summer heat leaves a haze that filters through the trees, changing your perspetive on some of the shots deep in the swamp. In the end, you find this course an enjoyable challenge in a unique setting.
Hole Par Yards Hazzards Descrption Picture
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1 4 416
The first hole sets the tone for the round. You need to keep the tee shot on the short grass. If you do, it is a short approach to get home. Miss, and you will struggle for par.

2 5 595
You cannot reach this par five in two shots. The hole is broken up into three very distinct sections. The tee shot plays to a fairly normal fairway. The second has a large landing area short of the water. No matter what, you are going to have more than a hundred yards across water to get to the green.

3 3 146
The first short hole is pretty straight forward. Safely clear the water and stop on the dance floor and it is pretty easy to escape with a par.

4 4 501
Number four is a long par four. Playing out of the tall pines, you must keep the ball straight off the tee. The hole opens up at the start of the fairway, but even a good tee shot leaves a long way home. Wind can this hole extremely difficult.

5 4 435
Probably the most difficult hole on the course Length isn't absolutely critical off the tee, but accuracy is. The approach shot plays to a small spot of land with water front and back. The green is relatively small. If you hit the green, par… even birdie might be in play. But you will often find yourself chipping to save par.

6 3 165
Another par three that is pretty straight forward. The green is challenging, and stopping the ball close off the tee is difficult. Par three is a good score here.

7 4 325
The first of the short par fours which you can really attack. But attacking the green is only for the brave, the long and the stupid. The safe play is an iron to the fairway and a second iron to the green. But I just know some of you are going to take the challenge of driving the green. Especially if the wind is aiding you.

8 3 170
Most of the hazzards on number eight are extremely obvious. But maybe the most dangerous one is easy to overlook… or underlook if you will. A branch from the tree next to the green hangs over the tee box. Depending on how steeply your ball comes off the club face, you can tick that branch just enough to leave you short of this island green.

9 5 585
Another long hole that requires you to keep the ball in play. The fairway is fairly narrow and lined by pines. Two good shots will leave you inside of a hundred yards to the green. But it is a very difficult hole to pick up a stroke on.

10 4 471
Only the longest hitters can take on the corner. For most of us, the tee shot will have to be played out to the right. This leaves a longer approach shot to the green.

11 3 140
Number 11 is another island green. But it doesn't really look like it because the space behind the green is filled with trees. A short hole, this is one of the more difficult greens. Getting close is hard, and if you are not close you are at real risk of three putting.

12 4 276
You're gonna go for it, you know you are. It is not the smart play. You have to thread your tee shot through some dead trees. But the green is very reachable off the tee. But if you catch one of those trees, you will end up wet. The safer play is an iron to the fairway and a short approach to the green.

13 4 501
Another very long par four that requires you to keep the ball in the fairway. A long shot home, chipping and putting for par is not a bad way to go. You can be aggressive, as you have to be pretty far off line to find water.

14 3 148
Very similar to the other par threes, this modest length par three plays over a bit of water. The green wraps around the water line a bit, but the main body of the green is where most of the pin placements are. Only a mishit gets you in real trouble here.

15 5 545
This is the one par five you can reach in two, possibly steal an eagle, but certainly hope for a birdie. Thread the narrow neck in the fairway and you leave yourself a shot to get home. Overswing, and it is very easy to pull your ball into the water.

16 4 466
A long tee shot can find water. But it is not your biggest concern. The approach plays through a narrow opening in the trees to a difficult green. Water sits short to the right to catch any wayward shots.

17 3 189
The par three is a blind tee shot over a bunch of dead trees. The green was reworked as the original version actually sloped away from the tee box. The green is now flatter and will hold tee shots much better than the TGC 2019 version.

18 5 690
Oh My! This hole is a beast. Not second guessing what to hit off the tee. Over two hundred yards of carry over the swamp to start. And your still three hundred yards out. The second shot plays to a tight fairway. And if that is not enough, the approach plays over a marshy area.

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