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The 2017 GE @ BEBC NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament Pool was dominated by Susan Weldishofer. Finishing first and third, heading into the final four weekend the only question left was if Susan would sweep the top two position. In the end, Mark Douyere snuck in between Susan's two sheets to win second place.

The tournament itself was pretty wild. The only person to select as many as three final four teams was Kristin Schanche. She had Gonzaga, Oregon and North Carolina. A major factor in the relatively poor performance of final four picks was the South Carolina Gamecocks. The seven seed in the East first surprised number two seed before beating the third seed Baylor. They would eventually beat SEC rival Florida for a spot in the final four. No one picked South Carolina.

Standings       Final Four Picks
Rank Team Name Score Correct Champion East West Midwest South
1 Susan Weldishofer #2 picks 273 41 N. Carolina Duke Arizona Kansas North Carolina
2 Mark Douyere 246 43 N. Carolina Villanova Gonzaga Kansas North Carolina
3 Susan Weldishofer #1 picks 243 38 Duke Duke Arizona Michigan North Carolina
4 Kristin Schanche picks 239 40 Gonzaga Villanova Gonzaga Oregon North Carolina
4 Sunil Jagdal picks 239 43 Duke Duke Arizona Oregon North Carolina
6 Phil Bergstedt picks 232 38 N. Carolina Villanova Gonzaga Kansas North Carolina
7 Eric Eslinger picks (2) 230 41 Duke Duke Arizona Louisville North Carolina
8 David Lamb 229 40 N. Carolina Duke Arizona Oregon North Carolina
9 ALL FAVS (Reference Only) 228 44 Villanova Villanova Gonzaga Kansas North Carolina
9 Jenni Holleran picks 228 42 Marquette Marquette Maryland Iowa State North Carolina
11 Dewey Gripshover 219 42 Kentucky Villanova Arizona Kansas Kentucky
12 The Collective (Reference Only) 218 41 Duke Villanova Arizona Kansas North Carolina
13 Jonathan Bailey #2 picks 209 37 Duke Duke Gonzaga Kansas UCLA
13 Pooja Srivastava picks 209 38 UCLA Duke West Virginia Kansas UCLA
15 Bill Freeland picks 2 207 39 Kansas Duke Notre Dame Kansas UCLA
15 Greg Hasselbeck picks 207 40 Arizona Duke Arizona Kansas UCLA
17 Amy Wojciechowski picks 203 40 Villanova Villanova Arizona Kansas North Carolina
18 David Stube 197 36 Arizona Villanova Arizona Louisville North Carolina
19 Lee Becker 194 39 Kansas Duke Gonzaga Kansas Kentucky
20 Steve Anneken pick 192 36 Kansas Villanova Arizona Kansas Kentucky
21 Dalonda Morris picks 191 35 N. Carolina Villanova Arizona Kansas North Carolina
22 John Frank 188 35 Duke Duke Arizona Louisville Kentucky
23 Kevin Reynolds 187 37 Villanova Villanova Arizona Oregon North Carolina
24 John Neltner 186 35 Kansas Florida Arizona Kansas UCLA
25 Eric Eslinger picks 181 36 Louisville Duke Arizona Louisville Kentucky
25 Rob Amos 181 35 Kansas Duke Gonzaga Kansas UCLA
27 Doug Dearing picks 178 36 Villanova Villanova West Virginia Louisville Kentucky
28 Bob Fletcher picks 173 35 Duke Duke Arizona Kansas UCLA
29 Lance (ERP Platform) 170 35 Kansas Villanova Arizona Kansas Butler
30 Alex Cromer picks 162 33 Duke Duke Arizona Kansas UCLA
31 Jonathan Bailey picks 160 33 Kentucky Villanova Arizona Oregon Kentucky
32 Bill Freeland pics 1 159 34 Kentucky Duke Arizona Louisville Kentucky

2017 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament FINAL Bracket

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