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2024 Basketball Bracket Challenge

The following pages have been updated since my last email.
Updates as of Sunday 4/7 @ 7:00 AM EST





These are unofficial. You cannot sue me if I make a mistake here. Worse, they are based on my math skills. But this is how I project the results for each of the possible scenarios remaining.

CHAMPION Scenario 1 Scenario 2
Beats Purdue
1. John Neltner 2, 315
2. Jennifer Cleaveland, 302
3. Zain Aziz, 281
4. Mike King 3, 378
5. Chris Jackson, 276
Beats NC State
1. John Neltner 2, 299
2. Jennifer Cleaveland, 286
3. Zain Aziz, 265
4. Mary Jimenez, 263
5. Mike King 3, 262
Beats Purdue
1. Zain Aziz, 300
2. John Neltner 2, 273
3. Jennifer Cleaveland, 260
4. Kent Dixon, 251
5. David Lamb, 249
Beats NC State
1. Zain Aziz, 284
2. John Neltner 2, 257
T3. Jennifer Cleaveland, 244***
T3. Rob Collins, 244***
5. Lisa Kim, 240
Beats UConn
1. Zain Aziz, 307
2. Kent Dixon, 293
3. David Lamb, 291
T4. Andy Brickler 2, 289***
T4. John Neltner 2, 289***
Beats Alabama
1. Zain Aziz, 326
2. Kent Dixon, 277
3. David Lamb, 275
T4. Andy Brickler 2, 273***
T4. John Neltner 2, 273***
Beats UConn
1. John Neltner 2, 273
2. Zain Aziz, 265
3. Jennifer Cleaveland, 260
4. Kent Dixon, 251
5. David Lamb, 249
Beats Alabama
1. Zain Aziz, 284
2. John Neltner 2, 257
T3. Jennifer Cleaveland, 244***
T3. Rob Collins, 244***
5. Lisa Kim, 240
*** See the Scoring page for tie break rules.

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Thank You Very Much

The 2024 Basketball Bracket Challenge has been a rousing success.  While I thoroughly enjoy running pools like this, what really makes it fun and exciting are the people who submit sheets and take such interest in the ups and downs of this great tournament. 

So I want to thank all of you for playing this year.  I sincerely hope you enjoyed the pool, whether you won or not. And I look forward to inviting you back for the 2025 edition of the Basketball Bracket Challenge! 


2023 Prize Money results are listed below. The number prize paying positions and the percentages will vary based on number of entries. Basic rule of thumb I follow is about 10% of the pool ends up in the prize money and the champion earns about half. As the pool gets larger, I'll have to see if that still works.

Once I know the number of entries and have collected from everyone, I'll announce the payout amounts. Prize money is only distributed from prize money collected. Hasn't been a problem in the past... appreciate you not being the first.
Place Percent Amount Winner
1st 50% $145 John Neltner
2nd 20% $58 Jennifer Cleaveland
3rd 15% $44 Zain Aziz
4th 10% $29 Mike King
5th 5% $14 Chris Jackson
Prize amounts are rounded to the nearest dollar. I'm not dealing with coins anymore than I have to.

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They are not the first site I've seen resort to this. I'm not happy about it, but not inclined to leave CBS over it either.


The following rules apply to emails too!

1. I write.  I don't proof.  I don't edit 
You will find misspellings, typos, grammatical errors and missing words in almost every article.  If you simply treat this as part of the folksy charm of my site, it will be a more pleasurable experience for both of us.

2. Use the Google Machine To Decipher Cryptic References
I'm a big fan of off the wall references.  If you suspect your missing the joke, see if you can find it on google.

3. I Mean You No Harm
I promise any jokes made are in fun, with no intent to offend or hurt feelings.  But you know how color blind people can't tell the difference between greens and reds... well I can't always see the "line of appropriateness", and before I know it I'm on the wrong side. 
This table is updated for the 2024 tournament.  Player names are updated.  This list is now accurate for the 2024 season and will be updated after each round. 

Udpated after the Sweet Sixteen.
Team Player Score
John Neltner 2 315
Zain Aziz
281 X
Rob Collins 244 X
Lisa Kim 240 X
Mike King 2 238 X
Katie Schwegman 2 226 X
Amanda Woolums 215 X
Ethan Eckerle 2 208 X
Jamie Lafford 204 X
David Stubenrauch 183 X
SJ Anneken 2 150 X

x = cannot score anymore points

ENTRY FEE: $5.00
Tip/request: Pay as a personal transfer and not a business transaction (not sure of exact terms on each site.  But I get dinged a few cents if you do as a business transaction).

Payment Methods
PayPal  -

Venmo - @David-Lamb-015

Both accounts have the Mad Slammer as the profile picture.

I strongly prefer Venmo and PayPal for ease of exchange and payment tracking.

If PayPal or Venmo absolutely won't work...

CASH: if you can find me

CHECK: mail check to
David Lamb
1192 Emery Ridge Dr
Batavia, OH 45103

Guido can't wait to meet you
if you don't pay in a timely manner.

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